perfect houseSo you’re in the market looking to buy that perfect house but for some reason you can’t find it. Here are 5 ways to use Pinterest to make your dream home buying a reality. 

1. Sign up on Pinterest & create a board. Not just any board but one that is realistic for your dream house. If your house buying budget is limited, like it is for most of us, then only pin pictures to that board that are financially realistic for you. Also only pin pictures that are realistic for the area that you will be buying in.

pinterest boardIn other words, if you live in the middle of a city & you’re planning on buying a house in the middle of a city then don’t pin pictures of houses that are located in the country, or have lots of acreage. At least don’t pin those pictures to that particular board.

2. Pin pictures of house images that you like. Yards or views that you like. Exterior pictures. Interior pictures of kitchens, bathrooms, sinks, flooring, countertops, anything that catches your eye that is realistic for you both financially and in terms of location. None of these images need to be from houses that are currently on the market.

Be specific about your pins. Say what it is that you like about that picture. If you come across a picture of a bathroom, that you know is outside your price range but you really like the sink, then say that. Pin it to your board & let people know that it’s the sink you love.

Outdoor Space3. Share that board with your real estate agent. Make sure that your real estate agent has a visual understanding of what you are looking for. It’s all in the details. Visually let your agent know what appeals to you. The more your REALTOR understands what you are looking for, even atheistically, the more likely they will find the perfect property for you.

There’s no sense in looking at bunches of properties when your heart is set on granite countertops, as an example, but by sharing your board with your agent, they will know what style of house really appeals to you, what cosmetic details matter to you and what details really catch your eye. There is so much more that can be said by visual representation than anything that can ever be said verbally.

sinks4. Share that board with your friends, family & followers. The more people that can visually see what you are looking for, the more likely they can help you find it. Supposing you really do love that sink that you pinned a picture off on your board and supposing one of your followers have a similar sink available for sale that will make your dream home perfect. Why not let them know?

Purchasing a home can be a make or break deal, but if you know what you really want, there are always ways to find it. Don’t let something cosmetic be the reason not to purchase. Use Pinterest to find what your looking for. You’d be surprised at what’s out there.

5. Once you create the board, keep it alive. Once you find that dream home & you own it, then don’t let your board die. Instead, use it to work with contractors or vendors. Supposing you find that perfect home but the flooring is just not quite right & you want to change it. Then your flooring contractor will want to see exactly what you want. They will want to know what your real vision is.

countryCottageA quick check of your pins on your dream home board will let the contractors know what you really want.

They will know that you are a savvy homeowner & that you are particular in your needs. Share your board with them, let them know what your expectations are, and let them know you expect nothing less. Seeing your pins and seeing what you like will encourage them to offer you goods & services that fit those needs.

Keep your mind on the end game & surround yourself with people that can visually see what you want, by doing that the chances are so much better that you will get it.