Real Estate Ethics

This is what Connective Realty, LLC is about.

We may not be the most well known or the largest real estate company in the area but we pride ourselves in all the little things we do to make our clients lives better, that is the most rewarding thing to us.

Buying or selling a home can be a life changing event for so many people.

Although the actual transaction can be […]

Happy Chinese New Year

Today is the Chinese New Year. If you happen to see Chinese homes or businesses decorated in red with images of goats then it’s because this ancient civilization is celebrating their New Year. February 19th marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Goat. 

And you can’t believe the festivities and traditions that this day comes with.

The Chinese […]

Bryan / College Station Real Estate Referrals

We offer a very competitive rate to any REALTORS that choose to work with us as their Bryan / College Station referral real estate agent. 

We have lots of agents that can provide references for you and one thing that we pride ourselves on, is that we will always keep you, the referring agent, in the loop.

You don’t and you […]

How Rude! Kanye West.

I’m not here to weigh in on the merits of whether Beck or Beyonce should have won the Album of the Year award at the Grammy Show, I didn’t buy either of their albums so I really have no dog in the race.

But what I do want to mention is Kanye West and his rant and suggestion that Beck […]