1. You Will Find Us Out in the Community

We’d rather spend our time out and about – either with our buyers and sellers, or simply adding to our knowledge of everything about Bryan / College Station  and the surrounding area.

But don’t worry …

2. You Will Find Us Easy to Reach

Although our broker and our agents can work from home offices or any one of our 3 offices, our agents spend much of their time in the field, we’re connected – to each other and to you. Computers and cell phones give us the flexibility to be anywhere and still be in touch at a moment’s notice.

We advertise 24-hour availability, and it’s true.

3. You Will Find Us Working as a Team on Your Behalf

No one person knows everything, so we support each other, sharing our strengths and our knowledge. If your agent needs help solving a problem or finding information for you, our Broker or another agent will pitch in to assist. In addition, if you need help or have a question when your agent is unavailable, our Broker will fill in. You’ll never get left stranded, waiting for a call-back.

4. You Will Find Us to be Knowledgeable About the Market

We stay on top of what’s going on – both in the current housing market and in the things happening in our communities that could have a future effect on real estate.

5. You Will Find Us Giving Honest Answers, Even if it Hurts

We won’t just tell you what we think you want to hear. That might concern your listing price, or whether we think repairs to a house will be expensive, or if we think you should accept an offer. And if we lose a sale over telling the truth, that’s OK.

Our clients rely on us to give them straight answers, and they get them. That atmosphere of trust is one of the reasons why our clients have proven to be so loyal over the years.

6. You Will Find Us Saying “Yes!” to New Ideas

You won’t find us telling you that we have to do things in a certain way because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

You see, Connective Realty, LLC agents are a little different from the norm. In our quest to get the job done for our buyers and sellers, we think outside the box, and embrace new ideas.

We also encourage our buyers and sellers to bring us their ideas. As a result, some of our most innovative marketing ideas have come from our clients. For instance, the 18′ wind dancer (we call him Connective Conor) that draws visitors to our open houses was a listing client’s idea.

Because we’re an independent agency, we don’t have a corporate office to answer to or franchise rules to follow. Our only restrictions are those imposed by real estate law. That means we can make decisions on the spot, and if an idea sounds good, we’ll try it!

We have no intention of becoming stale and stagnant – so we embrace change – be it a new technology that helps keep us connected, or a new idea that makes our listings stand out from the crowd.

7. You Will Find Us Having a Little Fun With Our Work

We don’t go in for stuffy meetings, but you might find us brainstorming at the lake or gathered ’round a barbecue grill trading ideas with each other – or with our clients.

We enjoy hosting events where our agents and their families can socialize and network with our clients, our customers, and the other vendors and professionals whose services are vital to our successful real estate transactions.


Are you a free thinker – a person with ideas and enthusiasm – and a burning desire to help buyers and sellers realize their real estate goals, even if it means thinking outside the box?

Do you welcome change and innovation, and believe a real estate agent’s time is best spent out in the field with clients, rather than sitting in an office?

Are you looking for a broker who offers a strong support system – and who doesn’t compete with you for buyers and sellers?

Are you comfortable with the Internet and new communications technology?

Would you like to further your real estate knowledge with more classes, and extend your sphere of influence through community organizations?

Would you enjoy working as part of a team that’s committed to excellence?

Do you need to arrange your working hours around family commitments?

Do you want to launch your real estate career without having to spend your savings to do it?

1. You Belong at Connective Realty, LLC

You’ll find we’re just a bit different from conventional real estate agencies. For starters, the Internet is our office as much as our physical bricks and mortar offices are.

Next, instead of being a competitor, our broker is our back-up and support. All leads are channeled right to our agents. But if we have a question or need help, she’s as close as our email or phone, ready to give advice, help with research, or even come to our aid in person.

In fact, everyone in our organization works as a team – ready to give advice and assistance whenever it’s needed. Our philosophy says each of us has different talents and strengths, and we’re all better off when sharing them.

2. At Connective Realty, LLC, New Ideas are Valued

Every member of our team is encouraged to offer new ideas for better ways to help our buyers and sellers accomplish their goals, even when those ideas are a bit unconventional. We have no reverence for “the way we’ve always done it” and we value innovation.

If you’re an idea person who is tired of having your ideas shot down by hearing “that won’t work here,” then you’ll be thrilled with the reception your ideas will get at Connective Realty, LLC.

3. At Connective Realty, LLC, We Believe in Education

Not just the continuing education required to keep your license active, but the additional education that makes you more valuable to your buyers and sellers.

However, we realize that extra courses aren’t always in the budget.

So if you’ve wanted to work toward designations, but haven’t been able to work the cost into your budget, you’ll be in the right place at Connective Realty, LLC. When you commit yourself to our company, we’ll commit to you through our reimbursement plan, the enrollment costs of any NAR designation courses you wish to take.

4. No Startup Costs

Unless you want to count that new pair of shoes and a tank full of gas in your car, there are no start up costs when you hang your license with Connective Realty, LLC.

We’ll even purchase your first box of 500 business cards and your E & O Insurance.

As a Connective Realty, LLC agent, you’ll have full use of all advertising materials such as signs, brochure boxes, and stationery. Because we’re independent agency, there are no franchise fees – either up front or coming out of your commission checks.

No desks means no desk fees, either.

We offer a very generous commission split, which we’ll be glad to explain when you come in for an interview.

If we’ve described the way you’d like to work…


If you’d like to be a part of the team that embraces a new way of conducting real estate as well as new technology, an agency that believes in working smarter not harder, then give us a call – because we want to talk to you!