About Jody Keating, REALTOR, Broker

I'm broker/managing member of Connective Realty, LLC. Born and raised in Ireland, I have lived in the Bryan / College Station area with my two super smart daughters and our Heinz 57 dog, Missy, since 1996. Between my Irishisims and your Texas drawl, conversations can be a whole lot of fun around here.

I don’t want to get a real estate inspection done.

From the stubborn to the cheap to the plain ole I already know it all’s, sometimes I run across a home buyer that refuses to do a home inspection on the house they are planning to buy. It can be for whatever reason. Maybe they have a kickass set of tools that they want to try out, maybe they […]

Do you know what I want? I want a golf cart.

I want a golf cart. I don’t play golf, so that’s not what I want it for but I want to be able to hop into a golf cart and zip around our subdivision. I want to be able to stop and chat with my neighbors. Visit with them while they are doing yard work or just hanging out.

I want […]

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    42 questions you need to ask yourself or others before buying a house.

42 questions you need to ask yourself or others before buying a house.

Buying a house can be a daunting task particularly if you’re a first time homebuyer. There are hundreds of things you will have to consider, lots of options to choose from and countless questions to ask. You may think that it’s an overwhelming project but it doesn’t have to be! Heck if I could figure it out as a single […]

What, When and How Much is Earnest Money?

Earnest Money! It’s one of those issues when buying a home that can generally cause a lot of confusion and misunderstanding, so I’m going to try and explain what it is, when it needs to be paid and how much it is. However I strongly suggest that you consult with your own Texas REALTOR so that your particular home […]

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    Can’t I just call the Listing Agent that’s on the yard sign?

Can’t I just call the Listing Agent that’s on the yard sign?

If I drive by a house that I really like, can’t I just call the Listing Agent that’s on the yard sign?

That’s a question we hear quite frequently and it’s one that seems to cause some confusion.

The short answer is: Yes, of course you can call them. You can call and invite them for coffee, or ask them what […]

How fast can you sell my home?


How fast can you sell my home? 

That’s a great question and one which home sellers ask a lot. However it’s a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many variables.

Generally my gut answer would be: I can sell it for you right now for the cash in my pocket. Sight unseen, done deal, just sign here and […]

Sellers Market, Buyers Market, Neutral Market. What?

Recently, I met the mom of one of my daughter’s friends for the first time. We chatted for a while and then she asked me what I did for a living. I told her and immediately she hit me with the following statement.

Woman I just met: “My agent told me that houses sell in 4 months but mine took […]

What is a Zero Lot Line home?

Zero Lot Line homes are houses that are built with at least one wall of the home on the lot line. One or more outside walls create the boundary line for your lot and touch the lot line of your neighbor.

Imagine a usual lot with a home on it. The homeowner can walk all around the outside of their […]

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    5 ways to use Pinterest when looking to buy your dream home.

5 ways to use Pinterest when looking to buy your dream home.

So you’re in the market looking to buy that perfect house but for some reason you can’t find it. Here are 5 ways to use Pinterest to make your dream home buying a reality. 

1. Sign up on Pinterest & create a board. Not just any board but one that is realistic for your dream house. If your house buying budget […]

Listing Price, Sales Price And Appraised Value

What is the difference between the Listing Price, the Sales Price and the Appraised Value of a house and why do all three prices matter?

First some quick definitions:

Listing Price is how much money the seller wants for the house.

Sales Price is the amount of money that both the seller and the buyer eventually agree too.

Appraisal Value is how much […]

When to water your Bryan – College Station lawn.

Do you know when to turn your sprinklers on to water your lawn? Personally, I’m clueless. I have a red thumb which is no where near a green thumb. However,  this amazing tool provided by Brazos Valley Water Smart will let you know when to water and when not to water and it’s now my new found friend.

It’s very simple. […]

You might be an Aggie if…….

A Texas Aggie is a current or former student of Texas A&M. Located here in Bryan / College Station, AKA Aggieland, the term Aggie can also, although not technically be used for Texas A&M supporters, like Aggie Moms or Dads (parents of an Aggie student) or Texas A&M supporters.

In keeping with the concept that Jeff Foxworthy became so widely […]

Pub Sheds – A new suburban trend.

Do you enjoy hanging out with family & friends while enjoying an adult beverage? Do you have a back yard which you’d love to use but you don’t have the budget to build large decks or in-ground swimming pools? Do you already own a shed in the back yard but you use it to store gardening supplies and other […]

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    How to make your appliances look good when selling your home.

How to make your appliances look good when selling your home.

If you are like most of us, our home appliances get a lot of wear and tear. Pots, pans, an errant ball flying through the house etc., can cause all kinds of exterior damage to your dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer.

A simple scratch or chip can make a beautifully functional appliance look like something you found in a dumpster. Fortunately, you can make […]

This is what Connective Realty, LLC is about.

We may not be the most well known or the largest real estate company in the area but we pride ourselves in all the little things we do to make our clients lives better, that is the most rewarding thing to us.

Buying or selling a home can be a life changing event for so many people.

Although the actual transaction can be […]

Happy Chinese New Year

Today is the Chinese New Year. If you happen to see Chinese homes or businesses decorated in red with images of goats then it’s because this ancient civilization is celebrating their New Year. February 19th marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Goat. 

And you can’t believe the festivities and traditions that this day comes with.

The Chinese […]

Bryan / College Station Real Estate Referrals

We offer a very competitive rate to any REALTORS that choose to work with us as their Bryan / College Station referral real estate agent. 

We have lots of agents that can provide references for you and one thing that we pride ourselves on, is that we will always keep you, the referring agent, in the loop.

You don’t and you […]

How Rude! Kanye West.

I’m not here to weigh in on the merits of whether Beck or Beyonce should have won the Album of the Year award at the Grammy Show, I didn’t buy either of their albums so I really have no dog in the race.

But what I do want to mention is Kanye West and his rant and suggestion that Beck […]

The dangers of 9-volt batteries.

Most American homes have smoke detectors powered by a 9-volt battery.  Many walkie talkies, transistor radios and even clocks also use 9-volt batteries. So it’s probably safe to say, that there is at least one 9-volt battery in every American home.

But are homeowners or tenants aware of the dangers of this seemingly innocent battery?

It’s not the use of the 9-volt battery […]

Depression & our friend Robin Williams.

Depression is a very real thing. Robin Williams, was loved by millions yet, not one of those millions could help him.

He gave his whole life to us. He allowed us to laugh & cry, he gave us the chance to separate ourselves from our own reality even if it was just for a moment. However all this time […]