Bryan College Station garage saleAre you thinking of having a garage sale in BCS? If so, you need to be aware that although the City of College Station does not require you to have a permit, the City of Bryan does. The cost of a permit from the City of Bryan is $3.00 and the purpose of the permit is to deter or prevent homeowners or tenants from conducting a resale business from their home in a residential area. The following is a list of regulations that apply to garage sales in Bryan taken from Permits and Applications – City of Bryan

  • A permit must be obtained from the Development Services department in order to conduct a garage sale on the premises of any residence inside the city limits of Bryan
  • Only the owner of the property or a tenant of the owner may conduct a garage sale
  • Only one garage sale may be conduct at the same location every four (4) months.
  • Only used and/or discarded personal property may be offered for sale at a residential garage sale and no garage sale may last more than 72 consecutive hours (3 days)
  • No garage sale may be conducted in a manner that creates a disturbance or become a nuisance in the neighborhood where the sale is being held
  • No garage sale may be conducted on a vacant lot, even with the owners permission

Another important item to consider are the deed restrictions or bylaws of the residential neighborhood that you live in particularly if there is an active Home Owners Association. Some neighborhoods do not allow individual homeowners or tenants to conduct a garage sale but instead organize a community wide garage sale to be held on specific dates that all occupants of the neighborhood can participate in.

This can apply to any form of housing from single family homes to town homes or condominiums, so make sure you are aware of your own neighborhood rules prior to organizing your own garage sale.

Garage sales are a great way to purchase inexpensive items & find great deals all while helping the homeowner or tenant make a little money when purging their home of unwanted or little used items.

Bryan College Station garage sale 2To find out where upcoming garage sales are, check out The Eagle classifieds and Craigslist. Due to permit requirements in the City of Bryan, you can also check the City of Bryan Map of current locations.

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