real estate referral

We offer a very competitive rate to any REALTORS that choose to work with us as their Bryan / College Station referral real estate agent. 

We have lots of agents that can provide references for you and one thing that we pride ourselves on, is that we will always keep you, the referring agent, in the loop.

You don’t and you will never get to just hand off your clients information to us and then walk away but you will always know what’s happening and where we are in the process.

You will be paid a fair, negotiated price at closing and you will never have to wonder what happened with your referral. We take care of that, we keep you informed.

No, we are not a large franchise company. We are an independent company that genuinely gives a damn. You or your clients will not be passed off to some part time agent that happens to be on floor duty that day.

Instead, we will treat your client with respect and honesty because at the end of the day, I personally, Jody Keating,  know that I have to answer to you, the referring agent. 

And God help us if any of those conversations have to happen……

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