Your checklist is also important to your Connective Realty, LLC agent, because it will help him or her to eliminate homes that won’t work for you while focusing on those that offer the features you want most.


Our Homebuyer’s Checklist (pdf) is extensive, and may include amenities you hadn’t considered. We suggest that you fill it out, then make copies. Give one to your Connective Realty, LLC agent to keep on file for reference. Then take several along each time you view homes.

By comparing the homes you see to your list, and making notes, you’ll narrow and focus your search much faster than by trying to remember everything you saw in each home.

Along with the features checklist, you may wish to make notes to yourself about the following:

  • Why are they selling?
  • How long has this house been for sale?
  • Are there vacant homes nearby? If so, how many?
  • Has the asking price been lowered?
  • How does this price compare to others nearby?
  • Will the house qualify for the financing I need (For instance, FHA or VA)?
  • Do I like the floor plan?
  • Is there enough room for both living and storage?
  • Is the yard in good condition?
  • Are the neighbor’s yards in good condition?
  • How about their homes?
  • Will I need to make repairs or replace something before move-in?
  • Is the seller willing to do needed repairs?
  • Is the foundation solid?
  • Is the roof line straight?
  • Are there any signs of dampness on ceiling or walls?
  • Are the floors in the kitchen and bathrooms solid – or spongy?
  • Does the structure appear sound?
  • Does the home have any special features that I like / don’t like?
Some of these notes will aid in your decision making, and some will aid in negotiations once you’ve chosen a home. Now, print and fill out your copy of the Homebuyer’s Checklist (pdf). Then, before you move on to viewing homes, make the first decision. What type of home are you looking for, and where?

Will it be a single family home, a condo, or a patio/Townhome? Would you consider a manufactured home? Are you willing to sign a contract with a builder for a home that’s yet to be constructed?

Do you have the skills, time and desire to tackle a fixer-upper home?

Do you want to be inside or outside of City Limits? Do you want acreage, and if so, how many acres do you need?

Is it important that you locate in or near a specific city, or is your location flexible?

Your Connective Realty, LLC agent can assist in your search for a home anywhere in Brazos, Burleson, Bell and Coryelle Counties and in some areas of Grimes, Leon, Madison, Lampases and Robertson counties.

The more we know about your wants and desires the better we can help you reach your goals. So fill out the form and give Connective Realty, LLC a call. We’ll get started on your search before the day is over …

Download the Homebuyer Checklist (pdf).


Closing a deal on your new property can be one of the most confusing parts of the buying process. Attached below are pages from a sample HUD-1 Settlement for a new property.