1. Pricing is Primary

If the price is wrong, the rest could be done perfectly and it won’t help sell your home.

At Connective Realty, LLC we begin with a comparative market analysis. To create this analysis, we examine those homes which have sold that are the closest match to yours in size, amenities, condition and location. Then we make adjustments for any features that don’t match.

The Bryan / College Station MLS supplies us with accurate selling dates and prices – and you may find they are far different from the prices you’ve heard from neighbors. Next we search out homes for sale that are a similar match to yours and make comparisons to them. You need to be aware of your competition because buyers will be looking at all the homes, not just yours.

Seeing what buyers have paid recently and looking at your current competition allows us to recommend a price that will bring an offer in the market as it stands on the day of your listing.

2. Presentation

While this step is under your sole control, we will guide you through the process of preparing your home to show.

Buyers can be influenced by small things that you might never expect, so we’ll provide you with a checklist (pdf) to use in preparing your house. We’ll also help with some staging tips, or recommend a talented stager should you decide you want professional help.

It is true that you don’t sell a house the way you live in a house. Making the effort to present your home at its best can:

  • Make it stand out from other, similar listings
  • Result in more offers, sooner
  • Result in higher offering prices

3. Marketing to Reach Buyers

The National Association of REALTORS® tells us that over 80% of all home buyers now search first on the Internet before ever contacting an agent.

Thus, placing comprehensive information and photos of your home in all the right places on the Internet is vital to your success.

  • Virtual Tours: We begin with a virtual tour, which will be posted on our site and in the local MLS.
  • Real Estate Web Portals: Each of our listings go to Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and one of today’s most popular sites for individual buyers and buyer’s agents – Active Rain. We also advertise each listing through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hands-on Marketing, while not as far-reaching as the Internet, must not be ignored.

That’s why, in addition to normal activities such as putting up signs, we make an extra effort.

All-weather brochure boxes outside our listings are kept supplied with color flyers, and more flyers are made available inside the homes, so buyers visiting with other agents can take along the information.

When we hold open houses, we pull in buyers who might not have noticed a small “open house” sign by creating a yard display with balloons and “Connective Conor.” He’s our 18 foot wind dancer, and he does attract attention!

Spreading the word with custom business cards… When one of our listing clients came up with this idea, we thought it was a good one, so now we have business cards printed for each of our listings. These cards include a photo and details about the home and are supplied to our listing clients to hand out. You can give them to co-workers, friends and neighbors; you can leave them on the bulletin boards at surrounding business establishments; and you can hand them to people you do business with or even pass them out at a PTA meeting.

Communication is something few agents talk about, because few do it well. Many home sellers – especially those whose homes have expired off the market unsold – would be shocked and dismayed to learn how often poor communication has destroyed their chances for a sale.

Here’s what happens all too often: When a prospective buyer or a buyer’s agent calls to ask about a listing or to get a showing appointment, they are transferred to voice mail.

The agent on the other end promises to get back to them right away, but it either doesn’t happen at all, or it happens so much later that the buyers have already checked the house OFF their list and gone on to view other homes.

Sometimes the buyers have chosen a home and had their offer accepted before they ever get a call back.

That doesn’t happen at Connective Realty, LLC. Our Broker makes it her business to be available, so that if the agent whose listing a buyer wants to see is not available, she can fill in the gap. She can answer questions, set appointments for a buyer’s agent, or meet with a buyer upon short notice.

4. Successful Negotiation

Negotiation actually begins at the time of listing, when we discuss pricing. This is the time when your Connective Realty, LLC agent will explain the costs of selling, so that you know the “bottom line” when you sell at a certain price.

These costs include title insurance, surveys, home owners’ warranties and closing costs. While some are based on a percentage of the selling price, we can give you a close approximation of each fee based on the correct price as determined by our market analysis.

This is also the time to consider the fact that successful negotiation involves giving something, rather than adopting a “take it or leave it” approach. Planning ahead for what you might give will make deciding how to respond to an offer easier when the time comes.

Different buyers have different needs, so what buyers ask for may or may not be monetary. It could involve the closing date, leaving behind an appliance you intended to take, or perhaps early possession. Sometimes, depending upon the buyer’s loan program, the offer can include a request for you to pay a portion of the buyer’s closing costs.

When your offer comes in, your Connective Realty, LLC agent will meet with you to go over all the terms and explain how each of them affects you. Then, knowing that most buyers will offer a price that is lower than they are prepared to pay, we’ll discuss your options for a counter offer.

Part of negotiating a house sale is understanding and working with human nature, and part of it is knowing the market at the time of the offer. We are aware of what is going on in our market on a daily basis and our advice to you will be based on that knowledge.

When two or more offers arrive at nearly the same time, we’ll help you determine which is most favorable to you. Sometimes, a lower sales price results in higher dollars for you, because that buyer isn’t asking for other concessions.

One of the most important services we can provide to you at this time is to help you remain unemotional. It isn’t easy, because you’re dealing with your home, but keeping emotions out of the equation leads to better decisions.

We all have to understand that buyers aren’t trying to insult anyone when they offer a low price. They’re simply trying to purchase a home they want at a price they can afford. And they’ve learned that when you don’t ask, the answer is always “no.”

The goal in negotiation is to get you what you want while allowing them to feel that they’ve gotten what they wanted as well.

5. At Connective Realty, LLC, Marketing is a Passion

That’s why we stay on top of all the new technologies that can put our listings in front of buyers, and why we never say “no” to new marketing ideas. “That’s the way we’ve always done it” are words you’ll never hear from us.

When we’re marketing your house and you have an idea, we’ll listen – and we just might make it a permanent part of our marketing mix. Connective Conor and our house-specific business cards were both winning ideas supplied by listing clients.

So call today and see how we can put our marketing passion and skills to work for you.