Has your dream of owning a home become just that – a dream? As a RE-BuildUSA 203k Specialist, I can make your dream a reality.

With a small down payment and less than perfect credit, I’ll help you use the power of the FHA 203k Loan to buy a great home in a great neighborhood at a great price – and renovate it to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

203-k homeLet me help you make your home ownership dreams come true.

Your 203k Specialist, RE-BuildUSA and Lowe’s are dedicated to helping more Americans become homeowners, and at the same time, preserving and improving our communities. Through the FHA 203k Renovation Loan program we’ll help you finance the purchase of your home and the cost of improvements in one mortgage.

Your 203k Specialist, working together with RE-buildUSA and Lowe’s, can make it much easier for you to buy a great home in a great neighborhood at a great price – and renovate it to meet your needs using the power of the FHA 203k loan program.

To get started, give me a call. We’ll determine your buying power and I’ll help you find the best house to become your Dream Home.

RE-buildUSA is dedicated to helping more Americans achieve the dream of homeownership, as we preserve and improve our communities. Your RE-buildUSA 203k Specialist will help you finance the purchase of your home and the renovation in one FHA 203k mortgage with as little as 3.5% down – even with less than perfect credit.

Why RE-buildUSA? 
Now more than ever, there are large numbers of foreclosed properties that need repair and renovation. There are also many wonderful older homes in well-established neighborhoods offered at great prices to reflect their need for updating and repair. RE-buildUSA and its partners deliver the support, expertise and systems to allow you to more easily use the power of the FHA 203k to bring your home ownership dream to life.

Your REbuildUSA 203k SpecialistTM is trained to provide the expertise and support to help you find a great home at a great price that can be improved through the use of the FHA 203k program and enjoy these benefits:

•· Save Time & Money – Use one loan to buy and renovate a great home to meet your needs.

•· Get More Home for Your Money – Take advantage of the excellent prices for homes that need repair and remodeling.

•· Low Down Payment – Enjoy the benefits of homeownership with as little as 3.5% down.

•· Easier Qualification – Less strict FHA qualification requirements benefit those with less than perfect credit.

•· Make the Most of Your Investment – rather than paying a premium for changes made by previous owners, invest in improvements that suit your personal tastes and lifestyle.

•· Earn Additional Equity – Professional installers do the work, and you can earn “sweat equity” in the process.

•· Greater Financial Stability – Rather than experiencing a strain on your budget for major repairs later, you can pay for these improvements over time at a more affordable rate.

•· Live in a More Desirable Location – There are many great homes in wonderful established neighborhoods that offer perfect FHA 203k opportunities.

•· Invest in Your Future – You can use an FHA 203k loan to purchase a 1 to 4 unit property allowing you to renovate a home that also brings you rental income as an excellent long-term investment.

All homes for sale buttonIt’s Easy to Get Started
Your RE-buildUSA 203k Specialist will:

  • Help you determine your buying power and get the process started.
  • Help you locate the best home to be renovated for your needs.
  • using the RE-buildUSA project portal, schedule your home inspection and introduce you to your personal Lowe’s renovation consultant
  • Assist you in packaging your renovation bids and financial documents.
  • Help you finalize the purchase to begin renovation of your new home

Enjoy the support of your Re-buildUSA 203k Specialist at NO additional cost to you!

Call me today to find out more about buying a home using a 203-k loan.