BankRecently, I found out that my local Citibank branch sold out to BB&T. The way I found out was because I had ordered new debit/credit cards for both of my checking accounts earlier this month.  I have a personal account and a business account with Citibank.

When I called Citibank about changing my cards, they were so helpful and so willing to send me new cards. When the cards came in the mail, I noticed that both said “Joanna Keating”, neither one said “Connective Realty, LLC” and although one was similar to the card I previously had, the other one was completely different.

That was around the beginning of June. Fast forward to the middle of June and it’s a completely different story.

June 15th, apparently, was the official transfer from Citibank to BB&T. Any customer that was using a Citibank card for debit/credit purchases could no longer use them. Did I, as a 9 year customer of Citibank get any notification about this, NO I DID NOT.

Remember, I have 2 separate accounts with Citibank, yet I only received one new card for BB&T in the mail. I can’t access the other account. I have no card that I use. I can’t look it up online. I can’t even see how much money I have in my account and I can’t even get the balance. As it turns out, according to “Rodney” I can’t even get access to my account online for the one card I do have.

I called BB&T’s local branch (my previous branch, although now it’s a different phone number) and I was told several times by some guy named “Rodney”, that not only could I not see how much money I have in my account but I needed to wait until the end of NEXT week in order to get a new card.

moneyAccording to “Rodney” I can’t access either of my accounts online until I receive a letter from them giving me the new username and password and he can’t even give me my balance because he’s got “15 people in line and he can’t access a computer”.

In his words, he told me that, “What you can do, is go to our branch, wait in line behind all these other people and then maybe  we might be able to check your  balance and issue you with a new card”!!!

What a load of crap that customers have to deal with!!!

The end result is, I can’t even buy a tank of gas unless I go to my old Citibank branch, wait in line and ask if I can get a new card so I can access my own money. Other then that, according to “Rodney”, I need to wait until the end off NEXT week to get a new card, get online access to my account or otherwise I can drive to their local branch (with no gas), just so I can have access to something that I always had.

This is a major FAIL and you betcha, whenever I can get into my accounts, I’m moving all my business to another bank.