depressionDepression is a very real thing. Robin Williams, was loved by millions yet, not one of those millions could help him.

He gave his whole life to us. He allowed us to laugh & cry, he gave us the chance to separate ourselves from our own reality even if it was just for a moment. However all this time he was suffering from a terrible, very real problem.

A problem many millions of people suffer from. 

He was a comedic genius. He gave every part of him to make the rest of us happy.

News reports will talk about addiction problems, alcohol, cocaine but those where just coping mechanisms for the real issue.

He had a very, very real problem with depression. depression 2 Some will say that he had a wife & family, friends & so many others that loved him, so how could he do something so selfish? Something that would only satisfy his own state of mind without giving any consideration to everyone that loved him?

He knew many people loved him, he knew how much this would hurt them, he knew that the world would be shocked and surprised but he also knew that he couldn’t do this anymore. He knew he couldn’t be that guy we all expected him to be. He knew deep down inside he wasn’t the person he wanted to be. He knew that somewhere down there, he was a projection of what people wanted. He knew all of this, yet depression has a way of twisting your mind. Instead of focusing on your great reality it can make you become all consumed with the negative. 

He was, to us, an amazing man. So quick, so sharp, so brilliant in what he did, but at the end of the day, he’s still just a man, as capable of addictions and problems as the rest of us.

The truth is depression can happen to any of us. It comes in many states and forms. It can be all consuming without any reason. Depression can alter the way you think, the way you feel, even the way you interact with others. It can be so overwhelming that you no longer have control of it, it controls you. depression 3

But…. Be kind, be loving, be understanding.

If there’s anyone you think may suffer from depression. Don’t be judgmental, don’t tell them to just get over it, don’t pretend you understand. Just be there. Be there, be that voice at the end of the phone, be that person who doesn’t care what the house looks like but just gets in and helps to clean it, be that person who wants & loves you just as you are, depressed and all, be the person that that person needs.

You may not be able to fix it, you may not be able to solve it, but for you, you will always know that you did everything you could to help it. 

Just be there. Depression is very real.