golf cartI want a golf cart. I don’t play golf, so that’s not what I want it for but I want to be able to hop into a golf cart and zip around our subdivision. I want to be able to stop and chat with my neighbors. Visit with them while they are doing yard work or just hanging out.

I want all my neighbors to get golf carts too. Rather then them zipping past my house while I’m outside, with a quick wave from their car, they could stop and chat as they are cruising around.

Yes, I could walk but why do that when I could load up my dog and take a spin. I could load up a lawnmower or weed eater and give my neighbors a hand with yard work. I could bring a cooler of water or beer with me, even some meat for an impromptu barbecue.

I know, I know I could do all of this in a car or by walking but there’s something more casual and friendly about driving by a neighbors house in a golf cart. It’s more relaxed and open to conversation. It’s obvious you’re not on a ‘marathon walking or jogging work out’ schedule and it’s obvious that you’re not in a rush to get to an appointment or work. You’re just casually driving around, enjoying the weather and catching up with neighbors.

Alas, there’s no point in me getting one since legally I wouldn’t be able to drive it on the road. Aw well, maybe when I hit 55 I could move to one of those senior communities that have designated lanes for golf carts.

In a few years, if you happen to see someone in a bright yellow floppy hat, driving a golf cart past your house, it will be me. And yes, I plan on stopping for a chat.

What would you want in your neighborhood? Block parties, neighborhood events, monthly help your neighbor days? Let me know in the comments.