Chinese zodiac

Today is the Chinese New Year. If you happen to see Chinese homes or businesses decorated in red with images of goats then it’s because this ancient civilization is celebrating their New Year. February 19th marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Goat. 

And you can’t believe the festivities and traditions that this day comes with.

The Chinese New Years Eve is celebrated with a ‘Reunion Feast’. This is when families and all their generations and family extensions get together to feast, celebrate and spend time together. (If this happened in Ireland, you’d have to book a hotel per family – Irish families can be very big).

Red envelopes that contain some cash are generally given as gifts. These envelopes are normally reserved for young children and seniors, working age adults don’t normally receive these gifts. (I kinda like that idea).

No Chinese New Year is considered complete without Fish and Chinese Dumplings, both of which are considered lucky. But also on the menu you’ll commonly find spring rolls, rice cakes and sweet rice balls. (I hope you’ve mastered your chopstick talents).

Fireworks are a big, big part of the Chinese New Year. There’s nothing Mickey Mouse about these firework displays, they are amazing. It’s such a pity that we won’t get to see them in action here.

In short, Happy New Year to all our Chinese friends and I hope you are filled with the luck and blessings of this New Year. 

For more information about the Chinese New Year, please check out this link: Chinese Spring Festival 2015

So in case you missed some fireworks, here there are in action from Singapore last night.