dogHow fast can you sell my home? 

That’s a great question and one which home sellers ask a lot. However it’s a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many variables.

Generally my gut answer would be: I can sell it for you right now for the cash in my pocket. Sight unseen, done deal, just sign here and your house is sold!!!!

However, my usual answer is: Well it depends on a lot of factors.

So what are some of these factors?

  • The condition of the house.
  • How aggressively you want to sell it.
  • How aggressively you want to price it.
  • Where the house is located.
  • The time of year you plan on putting it on the market.
  • The size and appeal of your home.
  • The price bracket your house will be in.
  • How available it will be for showings.
  • How soon you can vacate the property.
  • And so you more…….

I can sweep across the entire local housing market and come up with all kinds of averages and fancy math that will give me a quick answer to your question. Here’s a post entitled Sellers Market, Buyers Market, Neutral Market. What? about why price bracket matters. And that is a big factor in estimating how long it will take to sell your house so be sure to check it out.

But generally speaking, there are just too many variables to create a one size fits all answer. So when you hear mainstream media or even local media or REALTORS tell you that it’s a sellers market and that houses are flying off the shelves, while that may be true for some home sellers it is not true for all homes on the market.



Here are examples of how some of these factors can affect the average length of time your home will be on the market.

The big kid on the block.

If your home is the biggest house in the neighborhood then comparing the length of time your neighbor’s houses are on the market will not give you a valid average.

No one wants somebody else’s dirt.

If your house really needs a good biohazard cleaning, or at least a deep cleaning, then it’s likely to sit on the market a lot longer than your neighbors.

Show me the money.

If your asking price is way more than your house is worth or that it can be appraised for, then it’s likely to sit on the market for a long time.

Open Sesame

If you only allow showings every other Thursday between 11am and 1pm and you require at least one weeks notice, then estimating the length of time it will be on the market would be tough.

Home to roost.

I think if your home is located on a snake pit where they come back every year to breed, it just might effect the length of time your house is on the market.


I know some of these examples are extreme but you get the gist. Without knowing the particulars of your home then it’s very difficult to come up with generalizations as to the length of time it will be on the market.

Bryan / College Station has a healthy real estate market but like every community we also have our fascinatingly odd properties too.

Contact Jody ButtonIf you would like for me to review some of these factors regarding your home, then please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to give you a more accurate estimate of time.