Fridge updatedIf you are like most of us, our home appliances get a lot of wear and tear. Pots, pans, an errant ball flying through the house etc., can cause all kinds of exterior damage to your dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer.

A simple scratch or chip can make a beautifully functional appliance look like something you found in a dumpster. Fortunately, you can make those ‘oops’ moments, almost disappear with color-matched epoxy touch-up paint.

How to make those “I can’t believe you threw that in the house and now look, you’ve chipped the fridge door again,” moments disappear.

Firstly, clean the outside of your appliance. There’s no sense if repairing something that’s remains dirty.

Secondly, sand the spot where the chips & scratches are located. Use 80 – 100 grit sand block or fine steel wool.

Thirdly, fill the chip or scratch with multiple thin layers instead of trying to cover it all at once.

Think about it like getting your nails painted. Multiple thin coats, lasts a whole lot longer and does a much better job than one big fat glob. Let each coat dry before applying the next. Use the porcelain-type version for stovetops and sinks.

And voila, you have an appliance that looks brand new and very appealing to home buyers.

This is a very simple DIY tip that can dramatically increase the appeal of your home to home buyers particularly if you are planning to convey the appliances with your home. 

So check it out, give it a try and be sure to amaze yourself.