UnsureSo the decision has been made to sell your home. You’ve consulted with a REALTOR and you have settled on the asking price and all that good stuff. You are excited to get the ball rolling and to get it sold, so READY, SET, GO…..


There are still several things you will need to do. Some of them will be uncomfortable and unsettling while others will be liberating and eye opening.

You love your home and you love the way it looks, operates and flows but the truth is, not every buyer will appreciate your decorating taste, your collections, your photos etc.

You may have children living in your home but a potential buyer may not have any children at all. Or it could be the other way round.

Remember: the goal is to turn your home into a house. A house that buyers can turn into their home.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then reference back to my post: The difference between selling a home and a house when selling your property.

To that end there are lots of things that you can do that are both inexpensive and will really help towards your goal of selling quickly for the most amount of money while all the time, letting potential buyers see your home as a house that they can turn into a home.

Walk through each room as if you were a buyer. Be very objective about this but if you can’t be objective, then ask a neighbor, friend or relative to do it for you. This person needs to be completely objective and honest with you. If they run around your home and say everything looks great, then beware….. they might want to move in with you!!!

If possible, use a short-term rental company, your friend’s garage, your office storage space, even a secure vacant property. Any place that you can store personal items, excess furniture and personal collections. What you want to do is take away the buyers focus from your home and move it onto the great features of your house. Remember you are selling your house, not your lifestyle. You have to move all this personal stuff anyway, so why not start now.

happy faceClean, Clean, clean – It’s the easiest, no cost project and this can’t be stressed enough. I’ve never come across a buyer that’s looking to buy someone else’s dirt. Buyers want to visualize moving right into the house, they don’t want to see a messy, dirty or smelly house. I’m not for one minute suggesting that yours is like this, but you know that big chucky piece of furniture you just moved out or those pictures of your kids that you took off the wall, they all leave a mark that buyers may not be interested in cleaning. So get after it. Most house buyers are house shopping weary, so make your house shine.

Master bedrooms and baths should appeal to both sexes – if you’re a single mom like I am with 2 daughters, then your bathrooms are filled with girlie stuff and bedrooms are obviously occupied by teenage girls. However, I’m not selling my house. If I was, then all that girlie stuff would need to be packed up and some male influences would need to be introduced. It doesn’t have to be much, just enough to appeal to both genders. If a guy walked into my house right now, he would say, hell no… too much estrogen. The same can be said if I walked into an all male home…. too much testosterone. Selling a house, rather than a home, needs to appeal to both genders.

Painting and I don’t mean the Leonardo DiVinci type but just changing your wall colors to a more neutral palate can make a huge difference. You may have the most beautiful wall Muriel in your kids room. You spent tons of money on it and you really love it. Your other kids room is a beautiful shade of purple and it works great with the furnishing you have in that room. Your living room wall colors matches your furniture perfectly, so you are really happy with how it all looks and shows. The problem is, house buyers are not buying your furniture, they are buying your walls. Serious homebuyers may be thinking, “That orange couch we own, will not look good in this purple room”. So what do they do? They consider the cost of either repainting the room or replacing the couch. Neither one of those options can be good for you as a house seller.

House selling inspiration, which is not really inspiring but it is a good gauge to work from. Top end hotels are in the business of selling rooms. They advertise and showcase rooms and amenities all the time. If those rooms appear outdated or uninteresting then it costs those companies a hell of a lot of money. You want the rooms in your house to have the same look and feel of a high-end hotel suite. You want your potential buyers to feel like they can just move in and feel right at home. You want your buyers to feel like they are getting a great deal and that your home is a house that they want to be interested in.

House buyers are not interested in stuffy closets, your collections, heavy curtains, paint colors and cluttered rooms. The only thing they are interested in, is what it would be like if they were living there. They want to know what your house would look like with all their furniture in it and that they can they turn this property into a home.

Do you want to know how much your house can sell forHome Sellers you need to think about what it is that you loved about the property when you bought it. Think about what made you choose it over all others. This is what we have to tap into when it comes to selling your house and attracting home buyers.

I’ve looked at many properties so it’s kinda easy for me to spot the potential of your house but it’s also kinda easy for me to see why buyers would not be interested.

The best advice I can give a home seller is to think Dollars and Cents and the reason you are selling. You are selling a house, your home will move with you. Once you decide to sell, the property is no longer your home but it is a means to the end for what you and your family needs.

House buyers and home sellers are two very different things. Once you sell, we can help you find a brand new house that you can turn into a home.

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