Clogged sinkI’m sharing this post with you because of direct personal experience. My daughters bathroom sink was the nastiest clogged up thing I’d ever seen. Whenever they ran the water to wash their face or brush their teeth the sink would fill up and take all day to drain. 3 hours after they were done you could go into the bathroom and the sink still had water in it and worse, a nasty film growing on the sides. It was really horrible to see.

I knew it was a plumbing issue and I knew it had to be fixed but damn it, I didn’t want to hire a plumber to come out and see our bathroom nastiness. So instead I took to youtube. I found this fantastic, do it yourself video online that not only saves face but also fixes the problem.

Needless to say after following the steps on this video and with a few grunts and snorts, I now have a fully functioning and clean sink in my daughters bathroom.