Kanye West

I’m not here to weigh in on the merits of whether Beck or Beyonce should have won the Album of the Year award at the Grammy Show, I didn’t buy either of their albums so I really have no dog in the race.

But what I do want to mention is Kanye West and his rant and suggestion that Beck give his award to Beyonce.

For me, it was as if Kanye was saying that Beck didn’t deserve the award and that Beck needed to be the bigger man by acknowledging that he didn’t deserve it and give it to Beyonce. 


What happened to congratulating an achievement whether you believe that person deserved it or not?

What happened to being open minded about the talents, skills and abilities of others and being appreciative of that?

How would you feel if one of your many awards was upstaged by someone publicly telling you that you didn’t deserve it?

Why can’t you just be happy for the winner?

Some say this was a publicity stunt and if it was, then it worked. After all, here I am, a nobody writing about it. But a stunt at what cost? As I see it, your very public rant rode on the success of someone else and at the end of the day that someone else’s album is the one I’ll buy. Not yours and not Beyonce

As an industry, we REALTORS deal with a lot of disappointment, a lot of rejection and a lot of moments when we question the abilities of both ourselves and our fellow agents. But I would never begrudge anyone their moment in the spotlight. Anyone within our industry that may receive recognition, whether it be from home buyers, home sellers or fellow professionals, deserve our congratulations and their moment in the spotlight.

To do anything less is just RUDE.