Project Description

Our buyer clients were absolutely wonderful to work with. They were pre-qualified for a loan (as all home buyers should be, before the home search begins), but they had a wide range of not only locations but home preferences. After many hours of looking at homes, we came across this one. Immediately, we all knew that this was the perfect home for them.

With an offer accepted, then rejected, some tense multiple offer negotiations, some very last minute financing issues, my clients now own the home of their dreams. My buyers are no longer my clients but they are now my friends, not only to me but my youngest daughter too.

This house was purchased at the right price, not over market value, but even more importantly is the value that my buyers have in knowing, that this beautiful house is their home and it was the perfect home for them. My clients are the coolest people ever and Bryan / College Station is very lucky to have them.

What our clients have to say:  

Jody: just saw your post on the web about our beautiful home. The description of our experience was quite accurate both about our experience and the friendship we developed. (Although I would have had a difficult time not using the word “nightmare” regarding the closing – but being the professional, you knew not to 🙂 please feel free to use any, all or none of the following as you see fit.

“Jody was recommended to us by our San Antonio realtor. We hit it off at our very first meeting. Selling our San Antonio home and buying a new home in College Station was stressful on both ends, but Jody was there for us every step of the way. Handling communications long distance was never an issue, whether by phone, texts, or email. After quite a few viewings, as soon as we stepped into our soon-to-be future home during an open house, Jody knew as well as we did the house was exactly what we were looking for. Jody made sure we knew what steps were to come and when we were thrown a few missteps, Jody was there to talk us “off the ledge”. All those experiences made a lasting friendship for us, Jody, and Jody’s “apprentice”, Megan.”


Disclaimer: We do not list the address of the particular property nor the full names of the individuals involved in the buying and selling process. If you would like specific information or references from our clients, please contact us directly.