Project Description


This property had been on the market for almost a year with other real estate companies to no avail. When we got the listing, we radically increased the online exposure, increased the availability for buyers to view it and we kept up weekly, if not daily communication with the seller. BTW, the seller is 87 years old, so instead of him, his daughter sent us this review.

What our Clients have to say:


I looked on your company website for a place to write a review for you and wasn’t able to find a place. Please feel free to pass these comments along to your boss/owner of Connective Realty.

My 87 year old father was very particular about selecting a representative to sell his house. He selected you because you provided him with information and more importantly to him, you answered all the questions he had.

Working with him required a lot of patience. Seeing you interact with him showed me you were the right man for the job. You worked with him when presenting offers that were lower than his bottom line and guided him that eventually led to a sale for a good price.

Thank you for all of your guidance and effort in the entire process.

Best regards,


Disclaimer: We do not list the address of the particular property nor the full names of the individuals involved in the buying and selling process. If you would like specific information or references from our clients, please contact us directly.