Pub shedDo you enjoy hanging out with family & friends while enjoying an adult beverage? Do you have a back yard which you’d love to use but you don’t have the budget to build large decks or in-ground swimming pools? Do you already own a shed in the back yard but you use it to store gardening supplies and other miscellaneous stuff?

Well here is a new suburban trend that you might be interested in.

A Pub Shed

Pub sheds are starting to pop up all over the country. Back yard sheds that are being converted into small mini pubs or bars. They can be very inexpensive to create or they can be as elaborate as you want them.

These are great ideas for those who like to make home brewed beer or wine and want to share them with their family & friends.

pub shed 2  Driving while drunk is a very serious issue and most people won’t do it but     many people also miss the pub or bar atmosphere. A pub shed is a simple solution. (Although you need to make sure that your friends are staying the night).

Some pub sheds can be very simple while others can include TV’s to watch the big game, plumbed water even a bathroom, the sky’s the limit.

Check out some pictures of Pub Sheds below and let your mind wander. 

pub shed 6

pub shed 5

pub shed 4

pub shed 7

pub shed 3