A good real estate attorney is an important tool in your real estate toolbox. Every time we work with clients we recommend the services of a real estate attorney. You are not required to work with one but we will advise you too.

You are not required to use any of these attorneys, the list is only provided as a resource.

As with all companies that we have listed, you are recommended to use due diligence when hiring any service provider.

This list is in no particular order.

Hoelscher, Lipsey, Elmore & Poole (979) 847-4726

Rogers & Miller (979) 260-9911

The Ellison Firm (979)-9889




We, here at Connective Realty, LLC, are not directly endorsing any of the companies or individuals provided. There is no requirement that you utilize the services of any of these companies in order to complete a real estate transaction with us. Due diligence is recommended when hiring any of these companies. Connective Realty, LLC nor any agents affiliated receive any compensation from any of the companies or individuals listed.