irelandThe truth is, the Ireland I know is so much more than drunken days, plastic hats, green beers and rivers. It’s about a nation that excels in education, hard work and belief in the extraordinary abilities of the individual.

It’s a nation that doesn’t do the hard sell but instead works hard to care about the persons they work with and love and appreciate them for who they are.

I’ve been rattling my head all day trying to come up with a blog post that represented Ireland as I know it. Something to celebrate Saint Patricks day as I truly see it. I’ve looked on Facebook, twitter, news outlets, etc, anything for inspiration but none of them seem to represent the true Ireland. The Ireland I know.

For me Ireland is so much more than green beer & plastic hats……. It’s all about…..

The almost 5 million people that live in the county, yet 70 million current Irish passports are in circulation. That says a lot about the love for our home.

ireland-killarney22 American presidents claimed Irish ancestry.

Ireland was named by Forbes as the best country in world to do business with.

It is ranked one of the top 20 countries worldwide for scientific research.

Irish waves are known to surfers around the world.

8 of the 10 top global information, communication and technological firms are based in Ireland.

7 of the 10 top pharmaceutical companies are also based in Ireland.

Ireland will always be my home but due to circumstances I’ve come to love the United States as my home too. I’ve lived here almost 18 years and both my daughters plan a life here but we will always know that Ireland is our home.

Happy St. Patricks Day.