race car3Texas World Speedway may no longer be hosting any kind of race car. If fact, homeowners driving too and from their homes may be the only cars driving on the approximately 600 acres that the Texas World Speedway currently occupies.

According to the latest news reports, a new master planned community could be developed on the land instead. This would mean the end of an era that has spanned over 4 decades. It would mean the end of something that we as a community have been able to say we can offer and promote.

I’m all for development and growth and although I’m not necessarily a race car fan, this just seems sad to me. We have yet another opportunity to promote our community as being one of a kind, something we have that others would envy, but instead of trying to salvage our history and our uniqueness we choose to develop another master-planned community.

I’m a Reator, my bread and butter is in the business of buying and selling of homes. The more homes there are to buy and sell the better it is for me but I’m also a community supporter. The more amenities and attractions we as a community can offer, the more influential it is for outside homebuyers and visitors to come, which ultimately result in increased revenue for the community as a whole.

race car2I get it that the owner and developer need to make money and this may be a great way to profit from what appears to be a financial drain. They need to do something, I understand that, but it saddens me that the only choice they seem to have is to take something so unique and turn it into something that is common place in so many other progressive, growing cities.

I know some residents complain about the noise from Texas World Speedway when races are occurring but unless those residents bought their property prior to the opening of the speedway, then surely they were advised or knew that this was something they would have to deal with. If they didn’t, then they really needed another Realtor or builder.

Supposing approval is provided by the College Station City Council and plans move forward with the master planned community development, then there’s a whole other multitude of questions. Increased traffic, who’s paying for the new roads and utilities, will tax dollars be used, how soon will the area be annexed, what about property owners living between city lines and the community, who’s paying for the proposed elementary school, the list of questions is endless.

race carI’m not a politician and I’m not interested in getting into the politics of it, but I am interested in supporting a community that I call home and using every tool in our toolbox to promote it.

It’s not just race fans that are interested in this new development, it’s also residents of College Station and promoters of this great community.

Again, I’m not necessarily a fan of race car driving but I am a fan of saving our communities history, offering something that other cities don’t have and listening to both sides of the conversation.

Texas World Speedway in south College Station has been around since 1969. It was one of only 7 super speedways, which consist of 2 miles or more, used for racing in the country. During the 1980’s the track lost it’s favor with both NASCAR and the IndyCar Series races because of disrepair. Although some upgrades and refurbishments were made during the early 1990’s, it’s since for the most part been used for amateur racing, car clubs and hosting music concerts.

That’s just my take, what say you!