9 volt batteryMost American homes have smoke detectors powered by a 9-volt battery.  Many walkie talkies, transistor radios and even clocks also use 9-volt batteries. So it’s probably safe to say, that there is at least one 9-volt battery in every American home.

But are homeowners or tenants aware of the dangers of this seemingly innocent battery?

It’s not the use of the 9-volt battery that’s necessarily dangerous but rather the storage of the battery. 

Something as innocuous as a little battery, stored incorrectly, can cause a house fire that the battery was originally used to warn about. The following video shows what can happen if a 9-volt battery is not stored properly and how you can prevent it happening to you.

So check your junk drawers, check how to store batteries for recycling and keep a roll of electrical tape on hand to protect your home from a fire.