zero lot lineZero Lot Line homes are houses that are built with at least one wall of the home on the lot line. One or more outside walls create the boundary line for your lot and touch the lot line of your neighbor.

Imagine a usual lot with a home on it. The homeowner can walk all around the outside of their home and always be within their lot boundaries. Now image a lot with a home where the homeowner can only walk around 3 or less sides of their home without crossing into their neighbor’s property. This is a zero lot line home.

Sometimes zero lot line homes are called row houses, garden homes, patio homes or townhomes. Zero lot line structures can also be commercial or industrial properties.

This type of home is not for everybody. Sometimes bad window placement can mean your neighbors really can look in your windows. Other times there are no windows at all on that side of the home as you may be sharing the wall, therefore less natural light. Some zero lot line homes have a recess built into that wall providing a small enclosed space with an opening at the top to allow some additional light in.

zero lot line 3If you need to do any maintenance on the exterior of that particular wall then although you will have the right-of-way to do it as registered on the title, your neighbor will need to make sure that they can provide that access for you. This means they cannot build a deck or any other structure that will prevent that access and you have to provide your neighbor on the other side the same right-of-way to maintain their home.

One of the advantages of a zero lot line home is that you may have a larger portion of useable space. If the home had been built in the center of the lot like many traditional homes are, then you would probably only have had two narrow strips of space running down either side of the home. By placing the home structure right on the lot line then there is more useable space provided.

Another advantage is that sometimes, lot sizes are small, so in order to build as large a home as possible the structure is placed as close to one or more sides as allowed. In the case of townhomes or row houses as many as 3 sides of the lot are zero lot lines.

zero lot line 2Zero lot line homes can be a great solution for those who want minimal lawn care. Some but not all, zero lot line communities have lawn care provided for them by the Home Owners Association.

When considering buying a home that utilizes zero lot lines it is very important to have the property surveyed and inspected. You need to make sure that there will be no drainage issues as well as no encroachment issues.

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