CollectablesIf you are thinking of either having a garage sale or going to a garage sale, the following is a list of what sells and what does not sell well at garage or estate sales.

This is just a guideline to help you determine prices & some of the considerations that people have when it comes to particular items. 

What sells:

  • Small Furniture – If it is in good condition and does not require a lot of repair then it will sell rather quickly.
  • Bulky Furniture – If you are looking to buy big furniture, then the best time to buy it is towards the end of the sale. The seller is more likely to deal in your favor rather then haul that piece of furniture back into the house.
  • Office Supplies – Anything from push pins to cork boards and staplers will sell fast if priced right.
  • Art – Particularly framed art. The price is subjective. One buyer may only want it for the frame while another buyer will pay top price for the art itself.
  • Jewelry – Particularly vintage pieces.
  • picture framesKitchenware – Glass, plates, silverware, pots, pans, bowls etc.
  • Seasonal or single use kitchen appliances – Ice-cream makers, fondue sets, deep fat fryers etc. Make sure they are all in working order and that they can be plugged in and tested.
  • Winter coats – Our winter is so short here in Brazos Valley that most people do not want to spend retail prices on winter wear, particularly children’s clothing.
  • Tools – Anything from tape measures and hammers to electric drills and saws. Make sure anything electric or battery operated can be tested.
  • Frames – Picture frames, mirror frames etc.
  • Sport accessories – Fishing rods, hooks & tackle boxes, golf clubs, bags & balls, free style weights, gloves & bags etc. Anything sport related will sell if priced right.
  • Bicycles & Scooters – Make sure they can be tested or an easy repair is evident.
  • Toys & Board Games – Plastic or wooden children’s toys, cleaned and sterilized. Board games, make sure you know if any pieces are missing.
  • Baby Gear – Highchairs, strollers etc. Clean and sterilized.
  • Exercise Equipment – Treadmill, punching bags etc. Test if electronic.
  • Books – Particularly hard back books or text books.
  • Antique or vintage items – Anything from decorative items, household items, personal items and collectables.

What buyers will think twice about before purchasing:

  • old mattressesWetsuits or swimsuits – Anything that hugs close to the body & has had a lot of use.
  • Tires – Particularly if they were on a vehicle involved in an accident.
  • Child car seats – Older model or damaged child car seats.
  • Helmets – Helmets are only designed to protect the wearer from one accident. If it was worn in an accident, there may be hidden damage that reduces its protection
  • Mattresses – Bed bugs, fleas, mold & mites are all things people consider when buying used mattresses.
  • Cribs – Recalls, newer safety standards, previous damage, used crib mattress are all considered.
  • Laptops, tablets, desk top computers – Buyers think about, viruses, current software, broken hardware, cost to upgrade etc.
  • TV’s – Unless a buyer just really needs any kind of working TV, most buyers will want to make sure that working connections are available for Wii, xbox, DVD players, DVR’s etc.
  • Shoes – Particularly well worn shoes that have been molded to the shape of the wearers foot.
  • Sheets & pillow cases – Washing them in hot water does not necessarily protect against bed bugs.
  • Baby bottles – Since 2012 the chemical BPA that is present in older bottles is no longer considered safe by the FDA.
  • old shoesRusty, flaky cookware – Unless it’s cast iron, damaged cookware will not sell well.
  • DVD’s, CD’s & VHS tapes – Apart from the titles possibly being outdated, visual inspection can’t always guarantee that there is no damage.
  • Upholstered furniture – Unless the plan is to reupholster, there is no guarantee that there are no bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, rusty springs, broken frames etc
  • Tailor made or altered clothes – Unless it can be tried on, there is no guarantee it will fit.
  • Video games – Some video game manufacturers only allow one user registration. This is to prevent any of their games being traded or sold second hand.
  • Perfume, make-up or lotions – Particularly if partially used. Older cosmetics, fragrances & lotions expire.
  • Stuffed animals – Like mattresses & upholstered furniture, not even a good wash can guarantee that there are no creepy crawlies hiding inside.

Remember nothing can be sold unless the seller is willing to sell and nothing can be bought unless a buyer is willing and able to buy.

So if you are planning on having a garage sale, avoid advertising the items that won’t sell well but instead focus on and market the items that you know will bring a bigger crowd to your sale.

Let us know if you are planning on having a garage or estate sale and we will help promote it for you through our social media network.

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