Cluttered houseI’ve been fortunate enough over the last few years to see some really spectacular pictures of homes for sale. The interiors of some homes are absolutely immaculate. Everything has a place and everything is in its place but then there’s other times when all I can think is “What was the home owner or more importantly the Realtor® thinking when they took those photographs?”

Some are downright sore to the eye and do absolutely no good for the home seller.

I’ve seen pictures of dirty toilets, cluttered counter tops, sinks full of dishes, floors covered with clothes, walls so covered with pictures, posters, plaques, mounted animals, hats, you name it, that you can’t even see the walls any longer.

Real estate pictures containing family pets, home owners kids, even one of Grandpa smoking a pipe while drinking a beer from his recliner.

I understand that real estate pictures are legally required to represent the actual home for sale but come on, a little common sense should tell you that you’re not selling your dirty laundry or your family pet so why are they in the picture?

Real estate pictures are supposed to be just that, pictures of real estate.

They are supposed to be showcasing to potential buyers the great features of your home. They are supposed to entice a potential buyer to want to actual go to your home. They are supposed to encourage a potential buyer to want to own your home. They are NOT supposed to give the potential buyer the impression that they could end up owning your clutter and family pet.

All homes for sale buttonMake sure when you’re selling your home that your Realtor® takes pictures that showcase your home in the best possible light. Take the time to prepare your home for the virtual world to see and leave out the family pets and clutter!