We are gearing up for the Spring / Summer home selling season. Home buyers are now paying more attention to the outdoor spaces that your home provides. They want to imagine themselves lounging around outdoors in the evenings, drinking coffee from the deck in the mornings, barbecuing with friends or taking a dip in the pool.

Here in Bryan / College Station, many homes have some sort of outdoor deck, patio, yard or garden. These are attractive to buyers, they can suggest a social, relaxing or family entertainment lifestyle. Having your outdoor space appealing to buyers can result in more offers and a higher value on your property.

Now is the time to start prepping up that outdoor space. It doesn’t have to be big, fancy or expensive but with a few little tweaks you can turn your outdoor space into an attractive and valuable addition to your home.

Outdoor Space

Adding some brightly colored potted plants and flowers can bring an outdoor space to life very inexpensively.

outdoor space2

Utilizing existing landscaping by trimming limbs and securing trellises for climbing plants can open up walkways and create more interest. Don’t forget to weed those flower beds too.

outdoor spaces7

Color co-ordinanting outdoor furnishings can be an inexpensive way to liven up an outdoor patio.

outdoor spaces3

Some simple odds and ends that are normally considered for indoor use can be a great way to add interest in an outdoor space.

outdoor spaces5

If your outdoor space is small, the addition of window boxes or hanging baskets can make the space more inviting.

outdoor lights

The simple addition of outdoor lighting or candles can add a lot of interest to your space. Make sure your Realtor takes a picture of the space at night to use for the online marketing of your home.

Overall, there are many things that you can do to make your outdoor space more appealing and inviting to prospective buyers. With just a few simple inexpensive additions and updates your outdoor room can be just what your property needs to both sell your property faster and for more money.