Sprinkler 2Do you know when to turn your sprinklers on to water your lawn? Personally, I’m clueless. I have a red thumb which is no where near a green thumb. However,  this amazing tool provided by Brazos Valley Water Smart will let you know when to water and when not to water and it’s now my new found friend.

It’s very simple. Just go to their website at bvwatersmart.tamu.edu and type in your address. The site will tell you, based on rainfall, if you need to water or not. It will also give you rainfall numbers based on the last few days and the last 24 hours. Here’s a screen shot of my home results. Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.28.47 AM

I don’t want my grass or shrubs to die but more importantly I don’t want to waste water just because I’ve no idea how to regulate the times to water.

I’ve come across a lot of home sellers that program their sprinkler system to do exactly what it’s designed to do regardless of whether it’s needed or not.

Red thumb or green thumb, I do know that yards and shrubbery can be expensive to maintain and as living things they can be temperamental when it comes to watering.

I’m in the business of saving my clients as much money as possible while also making them as much money as possible, so for all our clients this is yet another great tool in our tool chest.  

Sprinkler 1Water bills can be ridiculously expensive but they can also be harmful to our end goal. As homeowners we need to learn the balance between protecting our investment while conserving our water and our monthly water expense.

Check the site out.

For what it’s worth, I’ve turned my sprinkler system off.