TIME that’s why.

Clock2I as a REALTOR don’t want to waste a buyers time by showing them houses that they cannot qualify to purchase.

I don’t want to waste my time showing houses the buyer can’t afford to buy.

I want to give a buyer plenty of time to repair any credit issues that will allow them to qualify for a mortgage that they can afford.

I don’t want to waste a sellers time by showing their home to buyers that can’t afford it.

I want lenders to have enough time to pre-qualify buyers, prior to showing any homes.

I don’t want buyers to fall in love with a property that will be gone from the market before they have time to buy.

I want the terms and length of time negotiating offers to be lessened with a pre-approval.

I want buyers to have enough time to gather relevant documents for pre-approval without the time constraints of a written contract.

I want buyers to have enough time to look at properties that fit their financial abilities.

I want buyers to take the time to go through the pre-approval process that they will inevitably have to do, without wasting their time, the sellers time or my time.

Buying a home is not like window shopping. A buyer can window shop for homes as much as they want online but when it comes to involving their time, a sellers time or a REALTORS time, then costs become involved.

How many buyers would be willing to cover the costs and pay an entrance fee at a store, when they don’t know if they can afford to buy anything in that store? Very few I bet.

Buying a home is no different than that. Make sure that before you invest time and expense, you can cover the costs associated with it. No one wants you to take time off work or away from family to look at homes that you may not be able to finance.

All homes for sale buttonSo when a REALTOR asks a buyer if they have been working with a lender, it’s only to prevent time wasting window shopping.

After all you may be surprised and get pre-approved for more financing then you originally thought. So let’s save everyone some time and expense and get this part of the home buying process completed with early on.